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Etoilé Noir Xtreme

6 Bicchieri

Etoilé Noir Xtreme
Etoilé Noir Xtreme
Etoilé Noir Xtreme6 Bicchieri

100% Syrah

Thanks to the soil rocky and calcareous and to the dry climate, the Syrah grape express itself at the best in Sicily, and in particular at Zisola, where the "alberello" (bushy vines) training system allows to keep under control the natural exuberance of the varietal.

Specifiche Tecniche

Size: 1 hectare
Planted: 2005
Planting layout: 2.00m*0.9m
Training system: alberello (traditional Sicilian bush-trained)
Density: 5555 plant per hectare
Rootstock: 140 Ruggeri
Average yield: 70 quintals per hectare
Soil: sit and clay with a high percentage of readily soluble limestone
Vineyard care: controlled organic methods


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